Founded in 2006, located in Casablanca (Morocco) and enjoying a long experience in hoses manufacturing, Euroflex Morocco designs, manufactures, tests and distributes our quality flexible hoses across Europe, America, Mediterranean and Pacific Regions.

Euroflex MOROCCO

Company objective

The mission of EUROFLEX is to provide quality products at competitive price points that meet or exceed strict technical industry standards. Our numerous flexible hose options offer safe and dependable solutions for all types of connection applications.


All aspects of production are managed by our engineers and highly trained factory specialists with multiple controls at each stage. Braiding and fabrication of all components are completed in our Casablanca facility.

Crimping is achieved by our unique circular clamping process on the ferrule following a profile with very precise tolerances and parameters. The ultimate result is a double crimp of 12 points assuring additional security and reliability against any leakage of the assembled hoses.

Reliability, warranty and performance guarantee

All Euroflex flexible hoses are fabricated using the highest quality components and materials. This ensures a consistent, reliable and durable product free of defects under normal use.

EUROFLEX guarantees to the original purchaser that the hoses they manufacture will perform at our published ranges only when installed properly, connected, operated and maintained in accordance with the company’s specifications for application and installation. If the products are part of a greater system then the company accepts responsibility only for the products manufactured by it. EUROFLEX for a period of five years from the date of fabrication warranties flexible hoses with stainless steel braiding and crimped ferrules to be free from defects in the material and workmanship under normal use, service, installation and maintenance. Normal use is defined as not in excess of the maximum pressures, temperatures and rated capacities per application as specified in the company’s published literature and specifications for application and installation sheets. Additionally, all flexible hoses are date stamped on the ferrule during production to identify and ensure traceability.

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